Shopify Store Audits

Elevate your online presence with our in-depth Shopify Store Audit. We meticulously evaluate every aspect of your store, from user experience to checkout efficiency, delivering actionable insights for tangible improvements.

Dive deep into the performance of your Shopify store with our comprehensive audit service. Our expert analysis covers all critical aspects of your online presence, from the first click to the final checkout. We don't just identify problems; we provide solutions.

Our detailed audit includes a video walkthrough and a written document packed with suggestions, recommendations, and strategic advice. This audit is not just about fixing issues but about unlocking your store's full potential.

Whether it's increasing conversion rates, enhancing the user experience, identifying growth opportunities, optimizing the shopping journey, or saving time and money, our audit offers a holistic approach.

You'll receive personalized advice tailored to your store's unique needs and goals, setting a clear path for refinement and success.

Starting at $999
Minimum of 2 weeks
Our Process

Our blueprint for a successful Shopify Store Audit


Kick-off Call

Your audit journey begins with a kick-off call. This initial 15-minute consultation allows us to understand your specific concerns and objectives, ensuring our audit is perfectly aligned with your store's unique needs.


Review & Audit

We then dive into a thorough review and audit of your site. Analyzing each page, both on desktop and mobile views, we identify strengths and opportunities for improvement. Our meticulous approach covers all aspects of your site's design, UX, and conversion potential.


Audit Delivery

After the review, we compile our findings and deliver them to you in a comprehensive format, including a video walkthrough and a detailed written report. This document will be accessible for download and review at your convenience, providing a clear roadmap for enhancements.


Discuss Next Steps

Finally, we follow up with a discussion on the next steps. Post-audit, we're available to assist you in implementing changes and improvements. Our goal is to ensure your Shopify store not only meets but exceeds your business objectives.


Frequently Asked Questions

What areas of my Shopify store will the audit cover?

Our audit encompasses a thorough review of your website's design, user experience, functionality, and key performance metrics. We analyze everything from navigation and layout to speed and mobile responsiveness to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your store's strengths and areas for improvement.

How can a store audit benefit my business?

A store audit is instrumental in pinpointing both the successes and potential pitfalls of your Shopify store. By identifying areas for improvement and optimization, the audit can lead to enhanced user experiences, improved conversion rates, and ultimately, an increase in sales and customer satisfaction.

How long does a typical Shopify Store Audit take?

The duration of a store audit varies, but typically it can be completed within a couple of weeks, depending on your store's size and complexity. We strive to conduct a thorough analysis while respecting your time and business operations.

Will I receive support in implementing the audit's recommendations?

Absolutely. After delivering the audit findings, we offer guidance on implementing the recommendations. If you require further assistance, we're available to help with any additional optimizations or enhancements to ensure your Shopify store reaches its full potential.

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